All You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the hot topics of the moment, we don’t have a doubt on this. Technological evolution promises of a future alongside sci-fi film. Artificial Intelligence attracts by its many facets that can be used to immeasurably improve our daily life even to radically change it. Nevertheless, Artificial Intelligence is scary too because it represents an area that is still under-explored and, according to some renowned experts and entrepreneurs, this technology can be both beneficial and evil for humanity, everything will depend on how it works. and will be used.

But what is it really? Artificial intelligence, what is it? If we read that artificial intelligence is “the set of theories and techniques implemented to create machines capable of simulating intelligence.” To be more explicit, Artificial Intelligence is therefore like machines (computers, programs, etc.) with an intelligence approaching that of human beings but boosted by technology.

With this assembly, we obtain software or robots capable of processing a large amount of information, discerning details that can escape human attention, interact with humans and progressively evolve according to its environment, its interactions and new parameters. Artificial Intelligence was conceived for the first time in 1950 and since then, it has continued to progress at breakneck speed and to progressively move beyond the “science” stage to infiltrate various sectors. The basic concept is to remember the technology companies which have grasped the importance of artificial intelligence in the world today especially

The Future is Artificial Intelligence

What it can bring in the future? An Artificial Intelligence, researcher says you should know something about it and even he said you must love Artificial intelligence! After all, what is the opposite of artificial intelligence? The natural stupidity! However, this senior Microsoft official also explains that the AI revolution is mainly based on three factors: A large amount of data a phenomenal computing power, including through the cloud and a revolutionary algorithm, based on deep learning. And thus, we need to find several notions including the jargon of (AI) which is supervised learning. This involves entering a large amount of information into a program which can be hundreds of thousands of pictures of cars labeled for example.

Once this integration of information is complete, the program will be able to identify in a few minutes several models of cars that will be presented to it. Machine Learning is the famous artificial intelligence application that we often hear about here and there when it comes to artificial intelligence. Basically, it’s about allowing the machine to learn by itself. How? ‘Or’ What? Based on data previously inculcated. The machine will gradually evolve its capabilities and knowledge without any human assistance.

It is for this reason that some algorithms will go beyond the stage of image recognition to be able to reproduce these images themselves. Is not it great? Deep Learning. Finally, we have “Deep Learning” or in French, deep learning. This type of learning is based on a network of artificial neurons, mimicking the functioning of the human brain. A smart robot can be equipped with thousands of neurons and each neuron can be able to perform a specific task. The interest of Deep Learning is that if we give a complex problem to solve in AI, it will simply divide it into “subproblems”, each neuron taking care of a part of problems and then get out a solution.

Smartphones with Artificial Intelligence

There is also talk of reinforcement learning or reinforcement learning that would allow a machine to adapt quickly, even in unpredictable situations. In which sectors are there already impacts of AI? As we write these lines, artificial intelligence has already infiltrated many different sectors including The technological sector Indeed, technology companies at all levels want to integrate artificial intelligence into their products. This is particularly the case for mobile phone companies such as Apple, Samsung, Google and Huawei who have already marketed smartphones with Artificial Intelligence functions such as Apple iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +, Google Pixel 3 ( XL), the Huawei Mate 20 (Pro), the Huawei P20 (Pro) and the Honor 10. In the industrial sector, the impacts of artificial intelligence are very advanced there are now more machines working in industries. In the food industry, Artificial Intelligence offers the advantage of improving production and reducing incidents.

In addition, the interest of artificial intelligence in the production sector is its ability to do what is called predictive or preventive maintenance. In a nutshell, this consists in recognizing the warning signs of a breakdown in the machines and thus, allowing an improved maintenance. Advantages? Less risk and more gains! What about the health side? You’ve probably heard it somewhere; health professionals are optimistic that artificial intelligence can help them better diagnose patients. Already, at the hospital of doctors use this revolutionary method to recognize the silent symptoms of cancer and carry out preventive medicine.

The energy sectors are now thinking to build artificial intelligence! How? ‘Or’ What? By deploying connected sensors in city buildings. The interest of the approach? Significantly reduce energy expenditure and determine, later, the city’s electricity consumption. Okay, but why is the Artificial Intelligence scary? Just as Artificial Intelligence is a technology that attracts the curiosity of all and amazes the world with its infinite possibilities, artificial intelligence is also scary in that it would be able to do if it were misused. or by unscrupulous people or governments

And You, What Do You Think of Artificial Intelligence?

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