Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has the potential to awaken 99% of the devices and objects around us. In the process of doing this, it will connect these “Smart” devices. “Smart” here really breaks down to three different aspects. First, it has to do with adding sensing capability. The second capability is adding computational powers. And the third one is the ability of that object to communicate.

These Smart and Connected devices are changing business at rapid pace both on Consumer and Industrial front with introduction of new Devices with higher capabilities on almost daily basis.

With this New business models that are emerging and it is putting lot of pressure on companies to innovate. IOT has now become an inseparable part of Digital Transformation journey of companies to stay ahead of their competition by introducing new connected products or leverage it on shop floor level an increase efficiency by adopting Industry 4.0 concepts.

cloudmantra helps companies from Start-ups to Manufacturing giants to build IOT into their portfolio by helping them build their IOT roadmap as follows:

  • Build connected Devices (Hardware)
  • Develop Web & Mobile Applications
  • Hyperscale IOT Backends on cloud
  • Develop Cloud native architecture for IOT Devices and Equipment

cloudmantra has a bouquet of over 20+ Sensors that can be configured to create customised connected devices and help rapid roll-out of IOT solutions on cloud.

cloudmantra has well defined frameworks for migrating mission critical application like SAP to cloud and has been involved in several such migrations.
SAP Migration to cloud may well be your first step into cloud and cloudmantra has the complete know how to do a Zero stress migration of SAP to Cloud

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cloudmantra helps companies to leverage Serverless Computing and have helped built several cutting-edge application based on Serverless Computing and Architecture such as :

  • IOT Applications & hyperscale backends
  • eCommerce Applications
  • Media Web and Mobile Application
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cloudmantra has a deep expertise in providing practical data related solutions that can be run both on-premise or on cloud, as per demand of the assignments.

  • Data Maturity Assessment.
  • Deploy Visualisation & Analytics Platforms.
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