Serverless Computing

Serverless computing is rapidly changing the way applications are built and scaled on cloud.

First, there are no servers or operating systems to maintain. You don’t have to manage any servers or even have to install any operating systems or supporting software.

Second, easy and efficient scaling. Serverless applications can be scaled automatically or at the most with a few clicks to choose your desired capacity. There is no need to create any specialized scalable architecture or designs.

Third, high availability. Serverless applications have built-in availability and fault tolerance. So you don’t need to have any specialized infrastructure to make your applications highly available or fault tolerant. All this is available to you by default.

Fourth, and this is a big one. No idle capacity. You pay only for what you use and no more. For example, with traditional architecture, say you created a server with 100 GB of memory and you’re using only 10 GB of it. But still, you’ll have to pay for the 90 GB that you’re not using. But with Serverless architecture, you pay only for what you use. So if you’re using 10 GB, you only pay for 10 GB.

Also, with services such as AWS lambda which is the core component of Amazon’s Serverless platform, you pay only for the time your code runs. So there is no charge if your code is not running. So if your code runs for say 100 milliseconds you are charged only for that 100 milliseconds and no more. That’s really a very fine grained control and results in a substantial cost savings for your business.

cloudmantra helps companies to leverage Serverless Computing and have helped built several cutting-edge application based on Serverless Computing and Architecture such as :

  • IOT Applications & hyeperscale backends
  • eCommerce Applications
  • Media Web and Mobile Application

cloudmantra has well defined frameworks for migrating mission critical application like SAP to cloud and has been involved in several such migrations.

SAP Migration to cloud may well be your first step into cloud and cloudmantra has the complete know how to do a Zero stress migration of SAP to Cloud

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cloudmantra has a deep expertise in providing practical data related solutions that can be run both on-premise or on cloud, as per demand of the assignments.

  • Data Maturity Assessment
  • Deploy Visualisation & Analytics Platforms
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cloudmantra helps companies from Start-ups to Manufacturing giants to build IOT into their portfolio by helping them build their IOT roadmap as follows:

  • Build connected Devices (Hardware)
  • Develop Web & Mobile Applications
  • Hyperscale IOT Backends on cloud
  • Develop Cloud native architecture
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