DevOps is a software development approach which involves continuous development, continuous testing, continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous monitoring of the software throughout its development lifecycle. This is exactly the process adopted by all the top companies to develop high quality software in shorter development lifecycles resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

DevOps empowers lean agile teams who can innovate, experiment, execute, measure and achieve. And to automate where it makes sense, for reliable and repeatable outcomes. All of this in a culture of organisational learning that can be integrated into future work.

As with any major initiative, embarking on a DevOps journey without a plan, a roadmap and a defined set of outcomes can be a high risk and a high cost experience. Continuous delivery is, a term which actually predates DevOps, and it has still has a lot of connotations to different companies and different organizations based on what they’re delivering in terms of the software or the system or the service they’re delivering.

Continuous delivery is a capability which allows us to automatically deliver this software from one environment to the next in your software delivery lifecycle. The capability to on-demand continuously and, more importantly, automatically deliver this software from one environment to the next is what is known as continuous delivery.

cloudmantra helps customers adopt DevOps in their organisation with some of the offerings listed below:

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

  • Build, Test, Release, Monitor & Plan
  • Rapid Delivery
  • Infrastructure as a Code
  • Configuration Management


  • Use Cloud native services for automation
  • Automate manual tasks or processes for deployments
  • Configuration Management (Chef, Ansible)
  • Automated Backups & updates/alerts
  • Deploy, Manage & Govern Cloud infrastructure

Monitoring & Logging

  • Enable automated logging and monitoring on infrastructure
  • Analyse data and logs generated by applications & infrastructure
  • Creating alerts or performing real-time analysis

And the reason we need this is to make this more automated and faster, but also because a lot of overhead, a lot of time is wasted by developers and other practitioners in the software delivery team, manually delivering this software-run environment to the next every week, every time they have a new version of the software with the need to deliver. And to us that is all overhead, and that can be replaced by an automated tool, which can automate it and make it seamless and they can now spend their productive time doing what they’re really paid for, which is productive work of coding or testing or doing their work and not wasting their time doing manual deployments.

As companies move forward with their cloud strategies, an effective and integrated security strategy is essential. Cloud computing promises incredible benefits in terms of speed, flexibility, and cost. But many enterprises are dragging their feet, worried about security. Indeed, sharing data over vast networks outside the business’s perimeter does raise big questions:

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cloudmantra Managed Services for AWS (Amazon Web Services) delivers 24×7 monitoring, maintenance and management services by experienced engineers who are specialists in cloud computing. As an official Amazon partner and Managed Services Provider, cloudmantra provides the much needed support. cloudmantra provides expert knowledge managing Amazon Web Services, tech support, pay-as-you-go managed services fees and improved ROI on your cloud investments

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Migrating your existing systems to Amazon Web Services doesn’t require an overhaul to your code base. Our strategy is to quickly provide cost and performance benefits by identifying those systems which would have the greatest impact.

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Businesses are using the AWS cloud to enable faster disaster recovery of their critical IT systems without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site. The AWS cloud supports many popular disaster recovery (DR) architectures from pilot light environments that are ready to scale up at a moment’s notice to hot standby environments that enable rapid failover

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cloudmantra can provide a wide variety of custom Cloud Consulting Services to help customers build and implement efficient, scalable Cloud IT infrastructure based on proven best practices. Our Amazon Web Services are backed by a team of experienced professional consultants and a global partner network

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