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Digital Transformation with cloud
Cloud is at the core of most Digital Transformation initiatives across industries. It is not a question of "If" anymore, but its already a question of how soon. A Regional Media power-house successfully transformed their business from Traditional to Digital leveraging cloud.
IOT with Cloud
Today billions of devices exist in homes, factories, hospitals, cars, and thousands of other places. There is an ever increasing need to connect, collect, store and analyse from these devices. Hyper-scaling IOT solutions on Cloud are now an integral part of Digital Transformation.
Serverless Apps on cloud
Serverless for Agility & Scale
Delivering a production Serverless application that can run at scale demands a solution with a broad set of capabilities. A German Media company wanted to benefit with High Availability, Flexible Scaling and Lower TCO that Serverless provides.
SAP on Cloud
SAP on Cloud
Companies want to benefit from broadest set of native cloud services, spanning both traditional services like compute, storage, and databases, as well as emerging technologies like IoT and machine learning. When you move SAP to cloud, it can become first step in Digital Transformation but also reduce costs and derive new value from their SAP environment
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What stages of Cloud Adoption are you ?Companies are in one of the following stages of transformation with cloud !

Exploring Cloud

Applications on-prem or in VPS only Environment
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Cloud Enabled

Run most applications on Public or Hybrid Cloud
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Transformed business with Digital and the way they serve their customers
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Helping your Cloud Adoption journeyWith carefully crafted services for Startups to Enterprises

Cloud Consulting

Helping you create the right fit Cloud portfolio and zero-stress Migration

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Managed Services

Managing your Cloud infrastructure to ensure its Secure, Efficient and Cost-Optmised

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Cloud-native Apps

Helping you build Hyperscale , cloud-native apps that perform

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Docker Installation & Basic Commands

Introduction Docker is open source platform for developing, shipping and running your applications. It also enables you to separate your applications from the infrastructure, this results in faster delivery of the software. Docker comes with two editions Community Edition(CE) This is mainly used by developers & ideal for small teams, experimenting with container-based apps e…

Docker Installation Basic Commands

Using External ID with AWS IAM Roles

At times, you might want to hire third party AWS partners/service providers to manage your AWS infrastructure. They eventually need to take a look at your AWS resources and execute API operations that list, describe, create or update components in your AWS account. There are multiple ways to set up cross-account access but the most…

Glassfish Installation on EC2 (Amazon Linux)

What  is GlassFish ? GlassFish is a Java application server project created by Sun Microsystems that allows many developers to generate enterprise technologies that are convenient and scalable, as well as additional services that can be installed based on preference. It is a free, dual-licensed software under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and the…

Glassfish Installation on EC2 (Amazon Linux)

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