Data Management

Data is the new Oil. Data in modern business is a very important thing. A lot of our business decisions are driven by the analysis that we do on the data tab available to us. Increasingly we need to justify our decisions more effectively which means that we need to use our data in a more strategic way.

In addition data is becoming more available to everybody in business and not just to people whose specific role is in data analytics and therefore having the skills to handle that data and analyze data is becoming increasingly important.

cloudmantra has a deep expertise in providing practical data related solutions that can be run both on-premise or on cloud, as per demand of the assignments.

Data Maturity Assessment

This is a study of the current business operations, metrics identified, potential metrics, and the technology infrastructure to support the generation and distribution of these metrics.

Often there are a set of measures which are used to manage the business. But the prioritization of metrics is often just an intuitive sense of the leader driving the performance of those metrics. By scientifically prioritizing the metrics you need to track, we help you focus your data efforts on the measures that make the most impact to your business.

You will now know the measures which truly impact your business, and where you stand with respect to your ability to track and monitor it. You will also know the low-hanging fruit when it comes to making data and technology investments.

Deploy Visualisation & Analytics Platforms

Identify, configure, deploy off-the-shelf products. Design custom analytics solutions based on bespoke requirements.

You have a data strategy in place, and are clear about the metrics and KPIs which most effectively help you manage your business. Bring in experts who will deploy the right platform which will result in positive business impact, and let you focus on what you do best.

Execute the theory, and realise the benefits that faster, intelligent, automated data visualisation and analytics and deliver for your business. Have the right information made available to the right audience with the right triggers so that the correct decision becomes as clear as possible.

cloudmantra helps companies to leverage Serverless Computing and have helped built several cutting-edge application based on Serverless Computing and Architecture such as :

  • IOT Applications & hyperscale backends
  • eCommerce Applications
  • Media Web and Mobile Application
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cloudmantra helps companies from Start-ups to Manufacturing giants to build IOT into their portfolio by helping them build their IOT roadmap as follows:

  • Build connected Devices (Hardware)
  • Develop Web & Mobile Applications
  • Hyperscale IOT Backends on cloud
  • Develop Cloud native architecture
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cloudmantra has well defined frameworks for migrating mission critical application like SAP to cloud and has been involved in several such migrations.

SAP Migration to cloud may well be your first step into cloud and cloudmantra has the complete know how to do a Zero stress migration of SAP to Cloud

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