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About Client
Emmersive InfoTech is a fast-growing design and development company offering Interactive Solutions and Knowledge management Technology Solutions. Emmersive’s Interactive Solutions include UI/UX, E-learning, Web Development, Mobile Solutions, Virtual Reality. One such solution was developed by Emmersive for a leading, private education institute with a national presence across India.

• The existing portal was developed on VPS server platform and lacked performance and scalability
• The client needed the application to be designed for scale as the application was to cater to multiple students who would upload their projects
• Students projects to have high-quality image uploads which were to be monitored for sizing of the images and limit per user access for cost management of storage of the projects on the cloud
• A solution had to be designed to be fast for access and simultaneously be cost-effective and secure
Vulnerability Assessment & Performance Benchmark test for the application was also to be conducted

• As the solution was already developed and code was available, cloudmantra rearchitected the infrastructure to make it multitiered for easy scalability. •The application was changed to manage user sessions and have a separate Web, App and database tiers
• Once this was done on a staging tier, a Vulnerability assessment was carried out for the application and report shared with the Dev team to fix the issues
• A Performance test was conducted on the infrastructure for optimal sizing of servers for the average load
• AWS SDK was used for setting up limits on data storage per user and assistance provided to Dev team for implementation of the feature

• Well Architected infrastructure as per Best Practices
• Focus on Core Business while we do Heavy Lifting
• Lowest Downtime leading to minimal business impact
• Right fit solution based on business needs and demands
• 24/7 Operations leading to faster resolution & thus higher CSAT

AWS Services Used:
cloudmantra used the following AWS Services towards successful project delivery:
• Amazon EC2 was used initially for hosting the production workload.
• Amazon VPC helped in setting up the private network with AWS as it provided requisite security.
• Amazon S3 was used to store and retrieve the massive amount of data/content given the content-driven nature of the application

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