About cloudmantra

cloudmantra is a “born in the cloud” company that brings power of the cloud to organizations and consumers. As a leading technology services company, cloudmantra brings cutting-edge yet meaningful products & services to business and consumers globally.

As new technologies emerge and disrupt business models, cloudmantra strongly believes in creating an IT infrastructure that supports and integrates Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) and we are convinced that the next generation of IT will revolve around SMAC components as the key foundational technologies. cloudmantra has developed very innovative commercial models so that businesses, especially in the SMB segment, can leverage the SMAC stack without any capital expenditure.

Since cloud is an integral and inseparable part of the SMAC stack, cloudmantra has developed strong skills on the world’s leading cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS). cloudmantra offers AWS services in Consulting, Migration, Big Data, High Performance Consulting, Security, Back-up/Disaster Recovery and Managed Services. We leverage the AWS ecosystem to deliver innovative yet cost-effective solutions that enables businesses to deliver best in class services to their customers.

As ISVs move from on-premise license models to SaaS based offerings, cloudmantra recognizes the importance of world class customer support in today’s fast paced and dynamic technology space. We partner with leading players in the technology and technology-driven services sectors to help them realize better returns on all their product and service lines. Our 24×7 SaaS support enables start-ups and established ISVs alike by increasing their ARPU and Increased touch points for their customers by 24×7 support.

Lastly, it is our belief that the emerging technologies have given consumers powerful devices and gadgets but has complicated their upkeep. As the world moves towards internet of things and more devices are getting connected, the consumers are overwhelmed by the need to keep these devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones connected and working smoothly and securely. cloudmantra provides professional technical service to consumers globally so that can they can run their connected devices smoothly and securely.

Whether you are a business that needs to adopt the SMAC stack or an individual consumer for technical services, cloudmantra is the tech company to help.

Our achievements

We learn every day to provide our clients and their customers with the best services. Our services vary from Consulting and Managed Services on AWS Cloud, Product (SaaS) Support to Customer Support.

cloudmantra is passionate about providing top class services to its customers on the AWS Cloud, Product Support or Customer Support. We have deep technical as well as service delivery expertise that makes us a truly full life-cycle service provider on the cloud. cloudmantra not only helps customers to develop and deploy high availability applications on AWS cloud but also provides 24 x 7 products support and customer so that our clients can focus on Product & Market development.

AWS Cloud 100%
SMAC Stack 90%
Product ( SaaS) Support 90%
Customer Support 95%

Management Team

Our Management Team comprises of Industry-leaders who bring in -depth experience of providing IT driven business solutions for our clients.

Nilesh More

Nilesh is an experienced IT Services Professional with over than 20 years of experience and a proven record of accomplishments.

Hemant Lavania

Hemant has over 17 years of IT Services experience and has managed large business processes and implement operational efficiencies/high productivity.

Neel Vedak

Neel has 23 years of rich experience working with large and medium scale tech organisations to deliver IT Services in Global Delivery Modedl

Suhas Gujarathi

Suhas has led Digital transformation #DX and Customer experience enrichment #CX initiatives for Fortune 500 companies in US, UK and India.

How we help our customers

Our goal is to make your products and services world-class, highly available across the globe and profitable !

Increase speed and agility

Develop and deploy new applications on the AWS cloud with dramatic increase in agility for your company, since the cost and time it takes to experiment and develop is significantly lower.

Go global

Easily deploy your application in multiple regions around the world as well as provide 24×7 suport to your SaaS customers and go global with your product/services

Re-deploy valuable resources

Re-deploly your valuable developers to core functions and leave the Product Support to us. That way your developers can focus on improving your apps/products.

Increased C-Sat

By using cloudmantra AWS Cloud and/or Product Support services , you are guaranteed to improve your Customer Satisfaction score which in turn translates to higher profits

Faster time to market

Our global delivery model allows our customers to develop and deploy new applications or systems faster thus impacting time to market

Reduced Operational Costs

With our vast experience in developing, deploying and managing IT environments we help in reducing your operational costs and thereby free-up much valued capital for other projects/assignments